Youth Career Program: A Cost-Free Way to Cultivate Skills and Shape the Future

Youth Career Program is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to empower and nurturing young talent in our community. We believe that by investing in the youth, we are not only shaping their future but also building a better future for your industry.

Join the Youth Career Program and invest in the future by becoming a worksite for energetic, motivated youth ready to bring fresh perspectives to your organization.

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Empower Youth, Elevate Your Team

Become a pivotal part of a young person’s career development and help mold the workforce of tomorrow while enriching your team’s diversity and skill set today. 

Apply Now and become a beacon of opportunity and growth in the Newport News community. 

Our Target Partners:

  • Local Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Educational Institutions

Goals of The Youth Career Program

The goal is for us to engage 100 + youths ages 16 to 24. We are looking to help youth in Newport News to
break cycles of poverty, violence, under-resourced, among a few barriers. It is our hope to provide
comprehensive programming to help youth achieve their goals through
● Job placement
● Career readiness training
● Skill development
● Mentorship & coaching
● Financial literacy training
● Entrepreneurship training
● Expanding their social network
● And much more

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